Automated Electrical System

An Overview of Automated Electrical Systems

Technology is forever changing, and at times it feels hard to keep up with the relentless pace. A modern home will have a number of key features that are electronically controlled including; heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These features are often abbreviated to form the acronym HVAC, and it is not unusual for all of these amenities to be automatically controlled. While this is now the norm for many modern homes, automated control systems have branched out by making other aspects of a property easy to manage. Most current properties will have the following features:

  • HVAC
  • Computer Networks
  • Satellite TV
  • Radio
  • Automated Gates
  • Lighting
  • Phone Systems
  • Security Systems

Pre-Set Capabilities

All of these features can be controlled automatically by a single device. This not only reduces the need for numerous remote controls, but it also allows for easier operation, convenience and efficiency. In fact, there are countless advantages associated with using an automated system. One of the biggest benefits is that commands can be pre-set. Pre-set commands can automatically turn off devices while you’re away from the property, and can turn them back on again before you get home. This function is especially useful with heating as it guarantees a warm property as soon as you step through the door, while ensuring that the boiler hasn’t been working all day long. Convenience is a big factor here, but there is the bonus of reduced energy bills as well.

Remote Control

Pre-set commands will appeal to most homeowners, but there will be times when these commands need to be changed. Making alterations is never a problem as everything from the temperature of your home to the brightness of the lighting can be changed easily. While this is simple, some people may want to make alterations when they are away from their home. The most up-to-date systems allow for remote control through the internet, mobile phones and third party control systems. To put it simply, full control of your properties electrical devices can be managed from just about everywhere.

An example of some of the electrical systems we can find in our electronics.

An example of some of the electrical systems we can find in our electronics.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are the features most commonly controlled by an automated system. Even though all electrical devices can be automated, the majority of homes in Europe will typically consider HVAC, lighting, and maybe some security measures for automatic control.

HVAC systems controlled by an automated device allow the homeowner to adjust the thermostat remotely. In addition, the windows of a property can also be operated by remote control. This promotes good levels of ventilation, while reducing any side effects associated with an unstable thermal mass. Ultimately automated HVAC systems offer increased efficiency and bill reduction once again.

A technician plugging in the wires to get the automated electronic systems working.

A technician plugging in the wires to get the automated electronic systems working.


Lighting is another key feature of a property that can also be controlled by an automated system. Again, this offers plenty of convenience, but the real benefits can be demonstrated by providing a few examples:

First, every single light in a home can be turned off at a certain time.

The brightness of the internal lights can be automatically synchronised, compensating for the levels of exterior light.

A mood control feature can change the colour of the lights at different times throughout the day.

Lights can be turned on or off remotely.

Motion detectors automatically turn lights off when occupants have left the room. Alternatively, they can be used to turn lights on when someone enters.

Security An automated security system offers peace of mind to those who are concerned about the safety of their property. Last minute thoughts about leaving the door unlocked are a thing the past, as you can check to see your properties situation remotely. While convenience and ease of use are factors that continually come up when discussing automated systems, there are additional benefits for security. A few advantages of combining your home protection system with an automated device have been listed here:

The images picked up by security cameras can be viewed live over the internet. This basically means that you can carry out surveillance. You can also record images when there is a potential intrusion.

A chart showing how a demand response automation server works.

A chart showing how a demand response automation server works.

Cameras can also be controlled over the internet. The ability to monitor and observe different areas is possible through the use of a touch screen panel.

Sensors can detect unauthorised intruders in a number of ways. This includes changes of pressure, changes in heat, magnetic contact, detection of movement and forced entry.

Blinds and shutters can be closed at specific times in the day allowing for increased privacy.

Gas, fire and water leaks can also be detected.


Overall, an automated control system will be able to manage hundreds of variables associated with your property. Typically, pre-set features are used to organise your homes HVAC system, but as technology has progressed, they have branched out to other areas. It’s now not unusual to see automated devices controlling security and lighting, while the most advanced systems will control networks, gates, radios, phones and satellite TVs all from a single device.

There are numerous benefits associated with automated control systems, some of which have been looked at in this article. The advantages gained will depend on the aspects of your home to which they are linked. However, in any case, they aim to make your life easier by providing convenience and reducing energy costs. Automated control systems are a must for all modern homes, and if you require any advice contact a professional about home maintenance advice or even search “how to install an automated control system” for further information.