Building an orangery

Building an orangery

We are already in June and the weather so far in the UK has been very unpredictable.  We have already seen many days of sunshine and also days of rain which is not surprising for us in the UK.  Nothing new I hear you say!

Did you know that the weather is a hot topic of conversation?  Pop into any hairdressers, supermarket or pub and you are very likely to hear someone chatting about the English weather.

However, we shouldn’t moan because if we didn’t get a mix of weather the UK would not be so famous for its beautiful green landscapes which us Brits are very proud off and rightly so.  And if there was one place we were very proud of that would be our back garden.

The climate we have in the UK means that we can grow some gorgeous and spectacular plants that our neighbouring continents would only ever dream off.  With a little bit of effort our gardens can be truly spectacular.  However due to the weather getting outside and enjoying the wildlife and scenery is not always a possibility.

That is of course possible, if you have considered a conservatory or an orangery as an extension to your home allowing you to feel like being outside, but in the comfort of your home.

building an orangery

this orangery is constructed using a steel frame to keep the profile as minimal as possible

For a traditional look, many opt for a conservatory but more and more people prefer a contemporary and modern feel to their home.  The answer to this is building an orangery.  An orangery will give you the best of both worlds!  Its roof provides the light and airiness of a conservatory as do the double glazing giving you optimum views of your garden.  Building using traditional materials brick or even stone will make your orangery feel in touch with the rest of your home making it feel like a natural extension of your house.

Did you know that incorporating modern double-glazing when your building an orangery makes your energy supply more efficient than a traditional conservatory.  It is designed so less heat will escape which will reduce your carbon footprint and just as importantly keep your energy bills lower.

There are further benefits of having double-glazing in your orangery, it is proven to keep outside noises where they should be, and that is not preventing you from enjoying the views without the need to listen to local traffic and your neighbours.

Building an orangery can be designed with your preferences in mind making it the perfect extension to your home. Bespoke hard wood timber windows are the perfect choice; they give a far better feel than UPVC or Aluminium, combined with a large lantern light  (in my opinion is best constructed in powder coated aluminium.)  Choose the style of frames these can be finished in a variety of colours to give your orangery a unique and individual look.  Many glass options are available, why just consider plain glass when you can have thermal self cleaning or tinted at a small additional cost.

building an orangery

bi folding doors that will stack back leaving a totally open feel

Bi folding doors are the popular choice to consider when your building an orangery. They come in various opening options and stack back to either one or both sides leaving a totally open space from wall to wall. (Do not skimp on bi folding doors -cheap door sets have a tendency to drop or go out of alignment) the doors on the images are manufactured in Germany and are one of the finest products on the market today) options to have blinds incorporated within the double glazing is also an option. Using a patented magnetic mechanism they do not effect the sea in the glass units.

building an orangery

orangery with bi folding doors open to the full width of the building. Lantern light in powder coat aluminium with double glazing in thermal glass. Perfect finished with a hand made oak table under.

The benefits of an orangery are endless.  It is the perfect addition to any home and the use of double-glazing would ensure you enjoy your garden 365 days a year

Some other options to consider when building an orangery -

Awning- this can be incorporated within the structure to provide a clean minimalist look.

Window and lantern light blinds. If your garden is south facing you may want to consider using materials that have light black out qualities.

Lighting – Rope leds incorporated within the lantern light up-stand provides a great theme effect at night. With Led dimmable down lighters in the ceiling areas they make a great combination.

Heating- Cooling -The structure being predominantly glass will mean it will be colder in winter and warmer in summer than a traditional building. Air conditioning units are a popular choice as modern units have a heating and cooling options. However you can easily have under floor heating or radiators if you prefer.

Floor finishes- Obvious choices are tiles or wood flooring-  (see our article on floor finishes)