Building Project management-

Building Project management

The role of  Building project management can be varied to suit the clients requirement.

It may just be to help negotiate the extras charged on a project, deal with the snagging or a dispute with a builder.

It maybe to oversee a project from conception until completion.

A good project manager will need to have had at least 10 years experience in construction projects and preferably have had experience as tradesman prior to this.

One thing for sure builders are true masters at sniffing out someone who does not know their business. If this is the case you could easily be led a merry dance.

A project manager will know the current costings for all aspects of work and will be able to identify any overcharging this is especially handy when it come to builders billing for extra works.

From a clients point of view having someone who knows the industry and is batting on their side adds a big comfort factor.

In the most part for typical renovations and extensions the client will have obtained an estimate from a builder usually based on inferior detailed planning drawings that leads to a huge amount of interpretation for the builder.

A Building project manager will make sure a detailed specification is provided and costed item by item. He will then appoint a contractor on your behalf and ensure a contract is signed by both parties. They  will be proficient in dealing with Architects, Structural engineers, Council planning departments and Contractors.

A good project manager will also outsource specialist areas of the contract, Piled foundations, Electrics, Heating, Audio visual etc. This has the potential to save a considerable amount of money.

The potential savings and piece of mind makes employing a project manager a simple choice and in most cases save you both money and peace of mind.