clean window frames

Clean window frames

We all know how nice clean windows make a property look more attractive. However, it is often the case that little thought is given to clean window frames.

Many window cleaners will only clean the glass, leaving the frames neglected.

As we are all aware, the atmosphere contains huge amounts of dust particles which are carried down to ground level when it rains. Just  take a look at your car after a downpour.

Over a period, window frames, whether they are UPVC or timber, become ingrained with these particles. If your windows are alloy or upvc it will not cause any real problem other than making them look a bit discolored.  Timber windows, however, are constructed from multiple sections that are joined and glued together and will invariably have some kind of paint or stain protection. Over a period of time, the continuous thermal movement of the timber will inevitably cause minor cracks in which dust particles will become lodged.

keep window frames clean

A build up of grime on window frames can cause mould and eventually rot.


During the summer, this issue alone will not cause a problem but remember that dust and grime will attract and retain moisture which, during the winter months when air temperatures are low, will not have the ability to dry.

Most timber windows are constructed from softwood. This type of timber is particularly susceptible to damage from prolonged contact with moisture.

There are many proprietary-cleaning brands specifically designed for cleaning window frames. It is well worth asking your window cleaner to give the frames and sills a thorough clean every six months. Or, maybe it’s something you could do yourself.  A light lubrication of oil applied to hinges and locks will also help to avoid future potential problems.

cleaning window frames

give your window frames a clean at least once a year