Construction Industry Training Board / CITB

The Construction Industry Training Board

Simply known as CITB, is the training board in the UK’s construction industry. It has been established since 1964 and its current remit is within the government department for innovation, universities and skills.

The CITB is a very large group and covers a huge variety of training, including apprenticeships, health and safety, surveying, scaffolding, tunneling and underground construction.

The logo of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)

The logo of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)

The  Construction industry training board- CITB- has so much to offer; below is a short guide to some of the different areas that you can benefit from.

Training Sites

Part of the CITB is the National Construction College. This excellent training centre has 8 campuses up and down the UK, and also offers shorter training courses at over 40 other hired out locations.

The College offers specific training in the following areas: apprenticeships, construction and specialist buildings, health and safety, leadership and management, plant maintenance, plant operations, scaffolding and access, surveying, sustainability and also tunneling and underground construction.

Whatever kind of construction courses you are looking for, CITB offer professional training in a huge variety of areas. The experienced teachers are very friendly yet remain incredibly professional and provide you with all the knowledge you need to work in the construction business. Whether you’re just starting out, or are having top up training, CITB is a fantastic training board that are recognised industry-wide for their high standards.

Bespoke Training

CITB also offer bespoke and personalised training. They are happy to come to your business, if that is what you require, and they will work around exactly what you need. If your staff need up to date health and safety training, or you are training staff for managerial positions, CITB can come to you to run a course.

Construction trainees being trained on a CITB course

Construction trainees being trained on a CITB course

This is very beneficial as it saves the travelling time and expenses, therefore it ultimately works out cheaper. They can also train in your available time slots, so if you want staff to work in the morning and train in the afternoon, that is a viable possibility.

Work Experience

CITB also offer work experience placements. This isn’t only beneficial for the trainee who gets to experience the construction industry and really decide if this is the job they want to undertake, but it is also very advantageous for the business they are placed at. It allows companies to take on young candidates for up to 6 weeks, and try them out. Many firms find that they recruit their work experience employees, and this is a simple and convenient way of finding reliable new talent.

Trainees from the CITB Newcastle Centre

Trainees from the CITB Newcastle Centre

Companies often take work experience students on as an apprentice, and it doesn’t cost you anything. In fact, CITB pays the employers up to £100 for taking part in the program. Work experience placements are for those aged 16-18 who have already completed at least a level 2 construction qualification.

Nearly all of the work experience admin and paper work is done by CITB, so you don’t even have to worry too much about that! Whether you are looking for a work placement, or are considering opening up your business to work placement candidates, there are fantastic benefits for both sides. 


To summarise, the Construction Industry Training Board is a professional training centre who offer a large variety of services. They are part of a government department and consequently adhere to very high working and training standards.


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