UK Government’s Green Deal launched 28th Jan 2013

What is the UK Government Green Deal?

The government has carbon emission targets to hit. They need homeowners to improve on the amount of energy they use by improving insulation, installing or upgrading loft insulation, installing Cavity wall insulation, insulating solid walls and floors, Fitting new windows and doors.

Changing energy suppliers, fitting draught excluders, better regulation of your heating programmers & thermostats.  Fitting Solar panels, Wind turbine etc. The list is endless & individual to you & your property.

They will make specific recommendations based on your property & lifestyle of ways you can improve the current situation.

They have so far the government have approved 39 assessment companies.

You pay them a fee it’s suggested about £100.00. Non- refundable, however they may waive the cost if you agree to have them do the work that they recommend.

Wind turbines help for a healthier world

Wind turbines help for a healthier world

The assessor will come to your house & look at your energy consumption during the previous 3 years.

Then work out the potential saving based on your current lifestyle and look at ways of lowering your heat loss by the implementation of some or all of the above examples.

You then can take out a loan for up to £10,000.00 & you pay interest on the loan @ 3.9% and an admin charge of £20.00 per year

You then repay the loan via a surcharge on your electricity bill. The idea is or the Golden rule is that the savings made will offset your loan repayments. (That’s yet to be proved)

Insulation is one of the green initiatives

Insulation is one of the green initiatives

Down sides

The loan is transferable- If you sell the property before it’s paid off the new owner will have to continue to pay off until it’s settled.

More likely when you sell the buyers solicitor will recommend the load is paid in full by the current owner. This may incur an early settlement charges.

Solar energy is one of the best ways of having a greener home.

Solar energy is one of the best ways of having a greener home.

The government is basically loaning homeowners money & charging interest. To encourage property owners to pay for upgrading their homes so it can meet its future targets on carbon emissions.

Energy bills are forecast to keep rising. If you have spare cash or want to take the government loan to help reduce your bills then it’s a sensible route to take. However most of its common sense and with a bit of research you could save some money and arrange the work yourself.

If your external walls are not built with cavities i.e. – most homes built before 1920.

The walls are going to be the place where most of your heat escapes. Insulating solid walls either internally or externally is very expensive. To make a real difference you are going to have to add 100mm thickness of good quality closed cell insulation.  (See our Article on this subject link is at the bottom of the page)

Installing a high spec condensing boiler is one of the initiatives the government has.

Installing a high spec condensing boiler is one of the initiatives the government has.

Example Table of Costs

Most of the recommendations are going to be common sense however, below is a list of what and how much. Based on a 3 bed house end of terrace house with solid walls. C 2013

Fitting a new high spec condensing boiler.                                                                 £3,200.00

Changing radiator valves for thermo TRVs                                                                   £600.00

Removing hot water cylinder and changing for high spec sealed system                       £ 2000.00

Fitting 200mm loft insulation.                                                                                      £450.00

Fitting internal or external insulation.                                                          £9000 - £13,000.00

Fitting replacement UPVC windows and doors                                              £5000 – £10,000.00


Image credit: Sustainable development