Garage conversions in surrey

Garage conversions in surrey.

Nowadays, it is rare for people to put the car in the garage; it is far more common for garages to be used to store everything but cars.Why not get a garden shed to put all the junk in and consider converting the garage into a useful room.

The economics of buying or renting a property mean more children are now living at home for longer. As they get older its preferable to provide them with there own space the result is  garage conversions surrey  becoming popular.

A standard garage will provide enough space for a bed sitting room and bathroom.  In most cases the structure is already there so its just a matter of refurbishing to current building standards. The economics work so a garage conversions in surrey is a sensible option.

garage conversions surrey

Conversion of a double garage

As long as you are not intending to dramatically increase the size of the garage or add a further room on the top, simply converting the space into another room is unlikely to present any real issues from a planning perspective although you should always consult your local planning department before embarking on a garage conversions in surrey.

garage conversions surrey

Internal renovations well under way

Building control will, however, be an important consideration when your planning  because you will effectively be changing an external space into a habitable room which will then need to meet the requirement of the current regulations on garage conversions in surrey. This type of work is small potatoes to the building control department and the work can be done using a building notice which can be applied for on-line. You fill in the form, pay the fee, then call the building control department to advise them when you are starting the works. The building control inspector will come over to discuss your intended plans and then inspect the works as they proceed. Once completed to his or her satisfaction, they will issue you withcertificate of compliance.

garage conversions surrey

Adding bi folding doors provides a nice touch

Below is a list of things you need to consider:


Many garages are not built with the same floor to ceiling dimensions as habitable rooms.- Check you have enough height. You need a minimum of 2.3m to make a comfortable room- bare in mind the floor will need insulating and this together with the finished flooring will require approx 140mm  to comply with the regulations. Any garage conversion in surrey will require enough head height.


Habitable rooms need windows that will open – the best way to achieve this is to use the opening created for the garage door. You will need to build a section of wall and fit a window that suits. New walls will need to be tied into the existing structure. A new window should be fitted with an air trickle ventilator.


If there is no existing access door, you will need to install one. This can be cut out in the existing walls. A newly installed opening will require a lintel above it.

Damp proofing

Garages are usually built just using 1 thickness of  brick and, in some cases, there will be no damp proofing to the floor or walls.

garage conversions surrey

Damp proofing walls using a bitumen sealer

The easiest way to deal with this is to coat all the walls and floor in 3 coats of bitumen based damp proofing compound. –  It’s messy but easy to apply.


You will need to meet the current insulation requirements. That means  (these are all approximate) based on good quality cellular slab insulation:

For garage conversions in surrey these currently are-

Walls 75mm thick

Floor 125mm thick

Roof  125mm thick.


Normally, garages will have a flat roof- and this would be good time to get it checked. If the timber joist and decking is sound, a new waterproof covering is advisable and the insulation can be added during this process. This is referred to as a warm deck roof.

The roof insulation can also be added between the roof joists. However, you will need to create cross flow ventilation to the ceiling area which can be done using soffit /fascia or wall ventilators.

Plaster boarding / plastering

Plasterboards will need to be fitted to all the walls and ceiling  and there are various methods for fixing them securely to the walls through the insulation. These can be finished using a skim coat

garage conversions surrey

Adding internal insulation and plasterboard


Installing a bathroom only requires connection to the existing drainage and water supply. In most cases these will be not to far away so are easy to establish. Most garage conversions in surrey will easily connect to the existing drainage on the property.

Hot water.  There are many types of systems designed for this type of situation to heat, store and pump using electricity. Or you could install its own dedicated gas boiler (see later on)

Toilet. If connection to the main drain is not practicable, pumped solutions are another option to consider.


This is often the most difficult thing to decide. If your garage is attached or close to the house, it is relatively easy to connect into your existing heating system.

If your garage is large and very detached, you may need to consider having a dedicated new gas supply and small heating boiler.


Some garages will have an electric supply but some will not. You will need to contact an electrician to adapt or install a new supply from your existing consumer unit. Led Down lighters  are the obvious choice for lighting and you can choose the best location for power outlets .The building control officer will require an installation certificate on completion.

If you need an electrician contact


Once the insulation has been fitted, it will need to be overlaid with floor decking boards which are usually moisture-resisting chipboard and then finished with carpet/ wood or tiles.

garage conversions surrey

insulation for the floor finished with floor decking and timber flooring

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