Bespoke green house

Bespoke green house


There are a whole heap of green houses on the commercial market today most of these are made of thin alloy and thin glass obviously they serve the basic function of growing plants in a controlled environment and stuck down the end of a long garden behind a big bush is the perfect place for them.  If you have a small formal garden you really do not want one of these spoiling the view.


Consider a building a bespoke green house -its a thing of beauty, individually crafted it will enhance your property and provide a beautiful feature.

Bespoke greenhouse construction

greenhouse construction

Obviously a bespoke green house  is far more expensive compared to an off the shelf product that has been manufactured in China but well worth the additional cost

The featured product is 100% manufactured on site and showcases the traditional tradesman practices.


Yellow London stock Brickwork. (other options available)

Hardwood  (Maranti from a renewable source) A cut on site timber structure with frames windows and doors.

green house completed

green house the completed project

Code 4 lead sheeting and flashing details.

Timber and cast iron finials.

Laminated 6mm glass with hard wood glazing bars.

Cast iron rain water gutters and down pipes.

Finished in duck egg blue sadolin stain- (other colour options available)

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