Bathrooms Planning and Installation

How to Plan the Installation of a Bathroom

Traditionally the bathroom only served as a functional room, but much has changed in recent years. The introduction of expensive fittings has meant that the bathroom is now often the showpiece of the house, as more and more homeowners are willing to spend large sums of money to ensure that theirs is luxurious. A quality bathroom can also increase the value of a property dramatically, especially if you have a walk in shower or a quality vanity top.

Taking pride in your bathroom is something that more people enjoy doing, as a product of this the technology has changed dramatically. Taps can now be fitted with electronic sensors, and have pre-set temperatures. Showers can be fitted with steam generators providing a spa like experience for added luxury. These features are appealing to many people, and as a consequence the demand for these has increased a great deal. But a modern bathroom brings much more than just a lavish appearance to the table, as they also have a number of functional advantages.

With the correct construction advice and design even the smallest Bathroom can be converted into a room that you will enjoy using. A modern bathroom is more hygienic, water efficient and easier to maintain.

If you are thinking about investing in a contemporary bathroom, then it is vital to enlist the help of a competent Contractor. Bathrooms incorporate virtually all aspects of the building trade, including Electrics that can be potentially dangerous. Because of this a DIY enthusiast should really leave this task to qualified professionals, who will be able to carry this out in a safe and efficient manner.

Items to consider

  • Water pressure & flow rate - Do you have enough of both. Modern showers require more of both to provide a good quality showering experience
  • Ventilation - Building control regulations require an air extractor to be fitted in bathrooms. This helps reduce the risk & damaging effect of condensation
  • Space Planning- Make sure you carefully plan the space on a scale drawing
  • Choosing the right stuff- Try to stick with buying from a well known manufacturer – if at some time you need a spare part- it’s good to know you stand a good chance of being able to get it
  • Wall and floor tiles - Avoid ceramic tiles, use porcelain or a natural stone. They are more durable – see our section on flooring for more details

Bathrooms offer more than just indulgence. They can add a significant amount of value to your home, while they offer a number of functional benefits such as increased energy efficiency. If this sounds of interest and you are serious about revamping your bathroom, then it is always a good idea to contact a specialist in your local area.


Bathrooms are no longer seen as rooms that offer only functional and practical uses, nowadays they are seen as rooms that can define a property. They are rooms that a lot of people will potentially see, and because of this people invest a lot of time and effort into making their bathroom standout. Modern bathrooms have not only the ability to be cosmetically pleasing, but they can also incorporate practicality this can save time and money. For example, modern bathrooms can be easier to clean and maintain, whilst improved energy efficiency can keep running costs low. This article will go on to look at how this can be achieved, whilst still retaining a great deal of finesse and elegance.

To achieve a bathroom that is both stylish and practical you will need to be able to maximize your space. This way your bathroom will not only look larger, but it will also be better organized. The use of open shelves over closed cabinets fitted within the wall this will provide a flush finish and gives the impression that the room is bigger. A clear glass shower screen will also have the same effect, whilst the use of a large mirror fitted in the wall tiling and trimmed with a stainless steel or chrome bead can double the appearance of room size. When choosing tiles try not to skimp on cost quality tiles in porcelain are readily available at reasonable cost. Incorporating a contrasting feature wall in a different material like mosaic tiles can make all the difference to the finished look.

For the colour scheme – It is always a good idea to use lighter shades, as these will make the room look bigger, whilst darker shades will make the room feel more claustrophobic. As already mentioned it is a good idea to have tiles installed by a specialist contractor, as setting out the tiling correctly makes a huge difference to the finished effect. Tiles are easy to keep clean they are also more hygienic, which is often a big concern for people who are thinking about revamping their bathroom. To ensure that your bathroom is hygienic it is essential to have proper ventilation, without this, the moist atmosphere will be the perfect breeding ground for germs. To overcome this an extractor fan will need to be installed by a Builder and Electrician, the fan will need to be ducted to fresh air either through the wall or roof. This is not a task that should be carried out by competent personal. Not really for the DIY enthusiast.

Ultimately the choice of fittings and fixtures will be the result of your own personal taste, but by maximizing the space in this room you can have access to a luxurious bathroom that is not only stylish, but practical and hygienic as well.

If you are serious about refurbishing your bathroom, it’s a good idea to speak to professionals. They will be able to provide you with invaluable advice when it comes to creating a well organised and practical bathroom that does not compromise on style.

Bathroom Themes

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between one bathroom and the next. The same bland colour schemes are used, often with unimaginative fixtures and as a result many bathrooms just seem average. It can be hard to step out of this uniformed way of thinking, but if you are serious about doing something a little more creative with your bathroom, then you may want to have a look at the ideas below for some inspiration.

Victorian style- This is one bathroom style that has never goes out of fashion. Free standing cast or ceramic bath feet, completed with gold taps and fittings. Add period toilet pans with high level cisterns with chain flush. Use a cast iron Radiator or towel rail Keep this theme running throughout the bathroom. Tiling walls and floors in marble will compliment this style. This type of work is usually beyond a DIY enthusiast and so to gain this look it is would be wise to speak to a reputable building contractor if this idea appeals to you.

typical Victorian bathroom

typical Victorian bathroom

Contemporary look – Modern non fussy flat finishes, fully tiled walls and floors in natural stone or porcelain. Wall hung toilets with concealed cistern and vanity units allow the floor to be seen and make cleaning easier. Incorporating a feature wall will add a statement to the finished look.

Contamporary look

Contamporary look

Retro look- Now making a comeback, the sixties were famous for, coloured suites they were all the rage. White was boring. Blue and green was a popular colour in the 60s. Other favourite colours were pastel shades of, pink, green or yellow. Although most people think of sixties’ colours as lots of psychedelic patterns, pastel shades were popular in the home for most of the decade. Understated modernity was the look. Bathroom in the sixties concentrated on the shape and style of the fittings, as well as the colour. Elegant, slim pedestals were popular. Round basins were popular. The overall look was modern efficiency.

retro styled bathroom

retro styled bathroom

There was a fashion to have modern style taps in sixties’ bathrooms. Very few original taps have survived. If you do have a 60s bathroom, it might be worth getting the taps re-chromed and the washers replaced.

So far this article has looked at a few bathroom theme ideas that may be of interest, but there is only so much a DIY enthusiast can achieve. If you want to gain a practical and functional bathroom that is totally unique but will also stand the test of time, you will need to enlist the services of an experienced building contractor in Surrey. By choosing to use an experienced building contractor as opposed to going it alone, a better finish and overall look will be achieved. But regardless of which option you choose, this article should have provided you with a few ideas as to what style may best suit you and your home.

ultra modern styling

ultra modern styling

Converting a basement

Many properties throughout the country have access to a fair sized basement that is simply not reaching its full potential. All too often basements are used as inefficient storage areas that are essentially useless. The full value of these rooms is basically wasted, but by converting them into a useful bathroom you can add a practical aspect to your home, whilst also adding a substantial amount of value to your property. So from this point of view we can see that a basement bathroom is not only extremely useful, but it can also be seen as a wise investment. Unfortunately, building a basement bathroom is often easier said than done, but if you have experience within the construction industry then this knowledge will probably come in useful. If you don’t have any experience, then it is highly advisable to speak to a building contractor in Surrey who will have no problem undertaking a project of this magnitude. This is why the first step to building a basement bathroom is to realistically assess the levels of competency that you have.

All of these steps are highlighted below.

  • Obtain building control and planning permission
  • Take the necessary measurements. This will give you an idea as to what kind of bathroom fixtures would be suitable for your needs. This information should also be given to a building contractor if you are enlisting their services, but don’t worry if you don’t have it
  • Create a floor plan. This needs to consider the proposed layout out of all the fixtures, whilst it should also keep in mind the proximity of existing water and drainage pipes
  • Obtain estimates and appoint a reputable contractor. Basement construction is a specialist area and will certainly involve a waterproof tanking system. An experienced Building contractor will know what is required. This type of work is not for the DIY home owner

The above shows a few basic steps that have to be considered before any building work can begin. Creating a basement bathroom is no easy task, but it is a great way to maximize your properties potential by turning an unused space into a key feature of your home. If you feel that a basement bathroom could benefit you, but you are not overly confident about undertaking this task then it is probably a good idea to enlist the help of a construction company in Surrey. Professional building contractors will have a lot of experience when it comes to basement bathrooms, and this experience can help you easily achieve your construction goals.

Electrical works in a Bathroom

As we all know water and electricity don’t mix, but one area of the home that these elements often come in close proximity with each other is the bathroom. This area of a property is full of potential dangers, and in order to comply with the necessary building regulations a NICEIC approved electrician or building contractor should be used to carry out any electrical work in your home. But if you decide to ignore these warnings, this article will briefly look what needs to be wired in a bathroom and how this can be achieved.

An essential part of any bathroom is the extractor fan or vent fan. Without this there could be a build-up of moisture that promotes mould. This mould both looks unsightly and could lead to strange smells coming from your bathroom and will also help with the removal of condensation. This is not something that a DIY enthusiast should not undertake, and so it is advisable to enlist the help of a building contractor and electrician who will help you install it.

Another essential part of a bathroom that requires electrical wiring is the lights. Bathrooms need to be well lit and to achieve this goal ideally purpose designed low voltage LED Spot lights suitable for Bathrooms should be used. Modern LED lights will provide a good level of lighting which is highly energy efficient. Do not install any electrical items yourself this is a specialised area of work so only use a qualified contractor.


These are just a few of the basics that should be considered when thinking about wiring a bathroom, but an emphasis on safety must be placed here as this can be a particularly dangerous area. Ideally any kind of electrical work that takes place in this environment should only be carried out by a qualified professional. If you are not sure where to find one there are a number of building contractors in Surrey who will be able to meet all of your bathroom wiring and electrical needs. It is strongly recommended that you contact a builder or electrician with the required qualifications.