Protect new building work

Protect new building work against heat.

Most builders will be aware that they need to protect new building work against frost- However much damaged can be done by direct sunlight and extreme heat on any cement based materials. Any type of masonry or concrete should be allowed to dry out slowly if the water is evaporated to quickly the material will not harden to its full potential.

New work either it be a concrete floor or brick wall should be protected with damp Hessian fabric. In very hot conditions newly laid materials can also be gently  sprayed with water on a regular basis using a very fine spray.


Adding Fibres to mortar also will help to prevent cracking. Mortars that are mixed with a high cement content will be strong but prone to cracking. By adding lime to cement it will act as a plasticiser and will help reduce the tendency to crack.

Employ someone to keep your work cool

Employ someone to keep your work cool