Roof Styles

Roof Styles

Just because a roof serves a purpose it doesn’t mean it has to compromise on design. Yes it may keep you dry yet people are now realising that roof styles are important in defining a home.

Different roofs styles serve different purposes, where in this country they primarily protect against rain and wind – having slopes with gutters to break the wind and direct the rain – in other countries roof styles are designed to protect against heat.

In all roofs the three elements remain the same:

  • The Strength
  • The Material
  • The Design/Construction
Strength is in the design

Strength is in the design

Roof Styles the Strength

The strength of a roof is obviously important, not only because of the damage it can cause should it be required to hold a lot of additional weight especially in areas where snow is prominent.

Roof Styles the Material

There are a lot of different materials to consider for roofs from mud, to leaves to glass and concrete. Each one offering different roof styles and advantages depending where and how you live. Tiles are still the most popular roof finish especially in Europe and have been in favour for centuries however today’s modern trends veer towards metal roof styles including Zinc and Copper. Bio green roof styles are also becoming popular.

Roof styles the Design/ Construction

The design and construction depend on location; for instance in this country roof styles are often pitched or

zinc roofing

zinc roofing

sloped to allow run off of water, whereas in warmer countries flat roof styles are adequate.

This also depends on materials, for example a thatched roof needs a steep pitch in order to be waterproof whereas some roof tiles will remain weather proof down to 17.5 degrees.

Roof styles the weather proof Layer

Today there are many popular materials for the outer layer they include:

  • Timber Shingles – ( very popular in the USA)These need to be replaced every few decades as they erode with the weather and are prone to attack by wood boring insects

    Slate roofing

    Slate roofing

  • Natural Slates & Tiles- The most popular roof styles product and a popular choice in the UK and Europe., these can last for a century or more. ,
  • Metal roofing like Zinc, Copper, Stainless Steel and lead have good longevity, All metallic roofing will oxidise over the years giving ever changing colour and interest
  • Bio roofing is now becoming popular – see our dedicated article (link below). Green roofs can be as imaginative as you like and will make a property the house look as if it blends into the landscape.
  • Rubber, Single ply membranes and felt are cheaperalternatives yet rarely give a great look- on pitched roofs and best saved for the flat ones.

    Bio green roofing

    Bio green roofing

Roof styles the Insulation

If building a new home or re-roofing an existing one it’s important to think of the future. With rising energy costs adding Insulation is a must and its relatively easy to install.

Roof styles do you need extra Space

If your roof needs renewing its best to rule in or out a loft conversion as if your thinking of having one this would be the perfect time to do it as it will require alterations to the roof structure.